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Spray Foam 

Modern Spray Systems uses Genyk Spray foam which is a Canadian made high-grade spray foam product used in Hospital and Schools.

Benefits :
-Eliminate Drafts in Your House 
-Lower Your Utility Bill 
-Increase Energy Efficiency  
-Eliminate Rodents and Pests from entering your house 


2lb closed cell foam

1/2 pound open cell foam

Drill and fill

Attic Insulation

Able to top up your attic or start from scratch.


-Prevent heat from seeping out your attic

-Lower Utility Bill

- Increase energy efficiency 

-Help sustain house temperatures in all seasons 

GreenFiber cellulose insulation fills cracks and crevasses to create an energy saving thermal blanket. 

Fire Proofing

Protect your home or business with Modern Spray System Spray foam is known as a fire-retardant and thermal barrier that is now used to protect buildings from fires.

Blue Skin

Insulation Removal


We serve both Residential and Commercial Properties

If you have an attic or are planning to build a house, it is important to properly insulate your home. Modern Spray System Incorporated specializes in an energy efficient, spray foam insulation service for homeowners. Our insulation contractors will first locate all leaks found in your home. Afterward, we will use spray foam to patch up any leaks that were discovered.

Make sure that you are saving as much money as possible with eco-friendly, commercial insulation service. Our expert contractors can help detect leaks in your building's insulation causing your energy bill to rise each month. We will go through every crevice of your building to ensure that the insulation has been properly installed with our spray foam.